Catering Practicals With SS2 Students 2020/2021 Session

As part of the school’s activities which involves the combination of standard education and vocational training, the teacher in charge of catering supervised the students as they practice what they were taught in catering classes in the school’s catering laboratory.

The photos below speaks louder:

The students involved were SS2 students.

In addition, the teacher through the PTA WhatsApp group advised the parents to allow the students practice what they learned in the school at home by enabling them with required materials.

She wrote “Dear Parents please encourage your children to carry out some of these practicals that they were taught in school at home get their materials for them and allow them do it by themselves especially during the Easter break”.

In response, most parents were quite amazed and expressed gratitude to the school, the teacher and then encouraged the students to keep soaring higher. Read receipts:

Screenshot_2021-03-05 WhatsApp(1)
Screenshot_2021-03-05 WhatsApp
Screenshot_2021-03-05 WhatsApp(2)
Screenshot_2021-03-05 WhatsApp(3)